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Success Stories From our Partners 

Motionstory produced our Mad Paws “how it works” animated explainer video. The video is excellent, our users love it, our partners love it and it increased our conversion rates.
— Alexis Soulopoulos CEO | Co-founder - Mad Paws
A common problem in our business is a misunderstanding of what we do. Thanks to Motionstory, we were able to quickly and simply explain what we do and onboard customers in a nutshell.
— Tim Paris | CEO Bold Voyage Data
Motionstory where incredible to work with, they crafted a story that explained are two-sided marketplace in a simple and engaging way that inspired viewers to sign up.
— Paul Higgins | CarZam Founder

What makes us different from other Explainer Video companies


A Tested Process that Delivers 

Our process has been tested over time so that we can produce your video without you having to micromanage us. We will keep you updated and continuously advise you on the next steps. We have made 100's of explainer videos giving us the experience to anticipate your needs and ensure every project is a success.

A Custom Explainer Video Production 

You cant get a cookie cutter video from us because we pride ourselves on being 100% unique. We design each video to reflect your brand, target your audience and most importantly meet your business objectives. We will combine research, strategic thinking to explain your message with crafted visuals that ensure you stand out from the crowd.

We Create Business Videos

We understand when you hire us it's investment for your company, so will talk about your project goals to give you an honest assessment of the best way to achieve them. Because If your video is not unique, targeted or doesn’t have a clear message, it won't work.


Cut Through the Crowd

Motionstory has helped 100’s of brands cut through the crowd and get noticed with unique explainer videos that turn strangers into friendly customers.

We know how to create a successful explainer video, because we’ve been making videos since the start of YouTube.

If you’re having trouble communicating the right message to the right audience at the right time we’d love to see if we can help you out.




Wondering If We Are The Right Partner ?

Set up a call with our creative director to discuss your video requirements, and learn from an industry expert.