Experts in the four pillars of visual storytelling.

A small dynamic team with the industry experience to make every story the best it can be.

Meet the team


Daniel Naele

Creative Director

The client point of contact and the driving force behind all creative projects. With 15 years of experience as a motion graphic designer, he conceptualises, develops the vision, then works with the client to meet their brief and deadline.

In short, he’s the ideas man.


Jack Taylor


He can digest complicated subject matter, dispel jargon, and create sharp concise copy. With 12 years experience in scriptwriting and content creation, his powerful and engaging words reinforce your message and call the viewer to action.

He knows what to chop and what to champion.



Creative Producer

The client point of contact and the driving force behind all creative projects

He gets every detail in design moving.


Ihor Borg

2d Character & Motion design

The lead animator who has worked all over the world for some of the best brands. He brings the script and graphics to life with his creative skillset, has over 7 years experience in the creative industry, and teaches the art of storytelling in his spare time.

He moves the pictures with finesse and style.

Marko Iveic

3d & 2D Motion Designer

A seasoned motion graphic designer who has worked for Australia’s most prestigious production houses, he brings the words and graphics to life by combining technical skills with 10 years of experience in creative production.

He gets every detail in design moving.


Zellene Guanlao

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