3 Hard Hitting Ways to Hook Your Video Viewers In 10 Seconds


Today, videos are on a huge spike in the digital world. This, we already know. The question is, how do you hook the attention of your viewers in just 10, if not 5 seconds?

According to scientists, humans are now falling behind goldfish when it comes to attention span. The rise of smartphones has left humans with an average attention span of just 8 seconds. Goldfish, meanwhile, are believed to have an attention span of 9 seconds! This means that the ability of customers to view and close your videos can happen in a just a swipe and tap. So, if you weren’t able to capture your potential customer’s attention in less than 8 seconds, it’s likely that your video will get lost in the digital noise online.

Here are 3 strategies to make sure you’re targeting the bull’s eye in catching and retaining viewers’ attention:






1.    Get Straight to the Point

Once the user hits play, your video must grab and engage instantaneously or it won’t survive in the hostile frontier of the internet. The easiest way to increase watch time and keep your viewers watching is to deliver your message quickly and effectively. If you want to deliver a message to your viewers, it’s best to put it in one of the first frames. It’s also crucial to engage your viewers by showing your personality on the videos, making it seem as if you’re having a simple, friendly conversation with them. Pair this strategy with a solid storytelling content and you can instantly connect to your target audience. 


2.    Break the Fourth Wall

What if there was a way to significantly increase your video views by just saying one word?  Well, as it turns out, it’s possible. The word “You” is a little word with great power. A Recent study about Youtube videos explain that saying the word “you” in the first 5 seconds of videos, can double viewership and increase retention rate. Other variations such as “your”, “yourselves” and “y’all” also increase the overall views by 66%. What’s more amazing is that when you mention the word “you” twice in a video, views can increase by 97%. The takeaway here is that personalization is key.

3.    Stand Out with Visuals
Knowing that your audience is easily bored and easily distracted, you need to make sure your video starts strong with a moving segment. People’s eyes are drawn to moving, changing images. Once you have grabbed the viewers’ attention, keep the momentum by having a creative, nice rhythm and pace with your videos. This can be done through the beat of the music, voiceovers or text. Keep punching with different visual elements and leave a lasting impression that makes your viewers wanting for more! Take a look at how we successfully applied this through our Motionstory animation.

Your video can either keep your viewers yawning or watching. Of course, the target is to create the latter which is having an impressive video that hooks your viewers and engages them with your story. Great videos don’t just keep viewers' attention, they also prompt responses and actions, either through commenting, sharing or even signing up for your product. Above all, focus on your target market and respond with the kind of video content they crave for.


Why do corporates need explainer videos?


An explainer video is a short video that businesses use to let themselves be known, to let customers know what they do, and to send a message across quickly like “buy me!”

The mobile and social end of the internet teems with visual content and a good explainer video will stand out from all the static in there and give the viewer a breath of fresh air, much like infographics on steroids. Fun! While in previous articles we tackled what explainer videos can do for your sales, video marketing can also be used internally to get ideas that would otherwise be difficult to explain across your entire company.

Video is the “it” way to send a message nowadays. People are so familiar with it that it always catches their attention for a few seconds until their brains tell them if it is relevant or not. In a company setting, it is almost always a stressful environment and it is easy for employee cohesiveness to degrade and a project to scatter all over the place in a critical situation. You need to have your staff have just as much if not more faith in you as your customers do. This is where internal marketing, and explainer videos comes in.





A Corporate Explainer Video is a means of expressing a new product, process, or idea in video form to achieve goals by driving home something you need your employees to do. This is always done on an internal setting as this contains intellectual property, jargon, and processes your staff will use to further the company’s interests. These can also be password protected and shown to select members of your organization as the situation warrants it. In short, this is one of the best tools you can have in expanding your business from the inside out.

In today’s age of globalization, it is common for companies to have multiple locations worldwide or even outsource certain departments to cut on costs.

Many ethnicities, cultures, religions, and creeds come together to find work and a very common problem is miscommunication. When projects are spread to staff members on different time zones, or if many people in different locations handle the same project this becomes very evident. Companies can use these animated explainer videos to avoid this altogether by putting ideas in a format that everyone can understand and be on the same page on.

Its also very easy to touch op on lessons by going back on the videos and watching them again. You can use it for HR orientation, training material, company updates, and so much more.

3 quick wins to get more clicks from your video

how to get clicks from videos

If you aren’t marketing through videos in 2017, it’s time for you to rethink your game plan. 51.9% of marketing professionals around the globe dub video as the type of content that produces the most ROI (Return on Investment) in companies.

With plenty of video hosts like Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia, getting your videos accessible in the digital jungle is now made easier than ever. Videos can now generate income, affect your bottom line and help skyrocket your sales. The secret formula to achieving these results lies in the different ways you optimize your videos for conversion. Here are the tips you need to concentrate on to increase clicks from your videos.










1.    Use Annotations to drive action

Do you want the viewer to share your video on his social media? Want to drive traffic to your website? Then you need to spell it out through using call-to-actions on your video. The most effective way to do this is by adding annotations.

Video annotations are much like interactive billboards.  They catch attention and drive some action. Video hosts like Youtube and Wistia allow you to add these clickable video overlays with button style links that produce desirable actions from viewers. It’s ability to link directly to a web page strategically converts casual viewers to buying customers.


2.    Put description links at the right places

When you put up a video, don’t just let it sit there alone. Enhance the video by adding compelling description link.  This is another way to drive conversions from your viewers. A good description not only entices users, it also gives your video additional points for SEO. The description box helps search engines determine where your videos are relevant on search results. Search Engines like Google, for example, rely on your description text to determine the video’s content relativity.

It’s best to put your link at the very top of the description text to ensure that it’s visible right off the bat, making it easier for users to click on your link. To optimize it for SEO, you can also include keywords and should try to keep the description text at a maximum of 2 sentences or less.


3.    Keep your videos short to get higher viewer retention

Getting more people to stick around and keep their eyes focused on your video is a huge challenge. The average human attention span is now 8.25 seconds which is even less than that of a goldfish!

It’s very important to hook the attention of your viewers within 5-10 seconds. Why? Because retention rate is what Google uses to determine whether your video is interesting to users.  Keep in mind that higher retention rate is equal to higher search rankings. Higher search rankings mean more people will get to view your video and convert.

The most effective and possibly easiest way to get higher retention rate is to create videos that your target audience is interested in. If you’re able to keep the attention of your audience, you win!


Through leveraging the different ways to optimize your videos for conversion, you can turn your viewers into subscribers, leads, and sales. In video marketing, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t just end on the links or annotations. Analyzing and collecting data to match your audience’s interest or activity insights will give you all the analytics you need to effectively optimize videos for conversion.


Facebook Ads for explainer videos

Explainer video agency

The numbers are clear; people will convert more and make a purchase after they watch a video. There are many avenues to get explainer videos in front of your customer base and we will be tackling Facebook Ads.

Facebook has made this available because by the end of 2017, video ads will constitute 17% of the total ads running in the internet. YouTube has a head start but Facebook is a large social media platform, if not the only actual meaningful network out there. So it’s important for businesses to tap this medium to get more revenue.

Here are some tips on how to make sure your ads will hit their mark. One is setting up a page, which is free and the other is subscribing to Facebook’s Ad service. Proper use of both will exponentially increase the effectiveness of either.







Make it easier for your customers to find you.

When you set up a Facebook page include your clearly written company name and make sure you omit any other descriptions and special characters that will make it hard for people to search for you. 


  • If you may think that jamming in keywords in the name will work for you, it won’t. Facebook will flag it as spam and the legitimacy of your page will be questioned, and that’s terrible for setting up an Ad campaign.


  • When your page gets 25 likes you then need to set up a “vanity url” which is like a “username” for your page. You can check its availability at http://www.facebook.com/username. You will then go to the “about” tab on the left part of your facebook window, select “page info” and “edit” to make changes to your url name.


  • Your Facebook page About Section can save you a lot of trouble since you can put contact information in there and have your customer get to know you, your processes and your product much more before they contact you. This being said, make sure you put relevant information such as your operating hours, response times, your website, etc. to set the customers’ expectations properly.


  • Cover and profile photos will need to be relevant and include your branding to have your customers easily recognize you.


  • Backlink to your Facebook page as much as possible from your website and blog posts to increase your page’s relevance / ranking in Google search. Encourage other companies or customers to do the same as much as you can.


  • Always include a call to action button to have your customer do what you want them to do to get your product. You can edit what message you want to in your page.


Setting up your Facebook advertising campaign.


  • Always make sure you keep your Mobile and Desktop ads in separate setups. This is so you can optimize each ad for what device you will show them. There are different bids and conversions for different devices and calls to action will have different results on each one as well.


  • Segment your ads. Separate the news feed and right column ads because both have different structures. The news feed should have larger images and right column ads should focus on catch phrases and calls to action.


  • Check your images to see which one work best, try different ones and check their click through rates.


  • Calls to action can be put into ads through the “Ad Setup” menu. Choose the appropriate one for your type of product or service and the current choices are Download, Book Now, Sign Up, Shop Now, and Learn More.


  • Set up your Ad sets and segment your audiences according to what target interest is available. The general rule is to group your target interests into topics, and make one set of ads per topic.


  • Now this one is surprisingly overlooked. Always install conversion pixels as this will yield more accurate conversion tracking results. Set up a pixel for each goal you have for your ads such as your shopping cart page, thank you page, etc. Provide one conversion code for each ad so your conversion tracking can tell you if your ad is achieving its goal.


  • Getting your demographics right is critical in your ads success. Set up your Ad targeting by behavior, this pays off much more than interest targeting since you can directly tap into your target market by doing this. Each behavior topic will need to have one Ad set linked to them for maximum effect. Targeting by income (for higher end businesses) will need to be set up, as well as Age and Gender groups. You can see historic data on all these metrics in the Ad Manager menu and selecting Reports.


  • Test your bidding strategy to make sure you get the most bang for your buck, you don’t need to spend more than is necessary to get the results you want and the best cost per conversion.


Facebook Ads can be highly rewarding with the correct set up so make sure you fine tune everything in your ad campaign and monitor it closely.  Having a fine grasp of Facebook advertising will open new avenues for your business and help you promote your amazing exaplainer video

How to market your video

How to market a explainer video

Having a well-made explainer video sitting on your landing page might increase your conversions to 20%, but a young entrepreneur doesn’t stop there and complacency is not part of his game.

Instead, he would up his game by resorting to all available means to market his kickass explainer video including social media.  He knows exactly where the masses go with its 1,300,000,000 total users and that’s where he’ll upload his precious video on his YouTube Channel.  

How do you really rise above the competition? It’s really a simple job that requires meticulous attention to detail and good accounting.   Here are some strategic ways in order to maximize your marketing outcome on YouTube.









1.  Allocate Funds to your Advertising budget

There are various ways to allocate funds for your advertising purposes. Some people like to do what’s most affordable and just go with what’s left available to spend after your total budget has been allocated to all areas (i.e facilities, employee salaries, maintenance, etc.) This tends to be used for products that can “sell themselves” or for companies who have just started and can’t afford to ramp up their growth just yet. This is the more “play safe” approach but is a little tricky as you can overspend or underspend depending on the Ad campaign built.

Another ill-advised but surprisingly widespread way is to let your management decide on the budget. If you have advertising and marketing demigods spearheading this, this is great since they can provide proper analysis and predictions to give your ads pinpoint accuracy and the budget is as efficient as possible. But if not, this more than often leads to disaster.

Now here’s how the high rollers play it. It’s a business rule of thumb to allocate 10% of your total sales revenue to advertising, regardless of how high or small it is. This method is straightforward and simple, and very easy to implement. Why you ask? Because this is financially safe and helps put a ceiling on your spending and keeps your growth on the same level as your actual sales. Kind of like not having you bite off more than you can chew.


2. Utilize and collaborate with other social media platforms

The best part of this is that it is free. Create actual interesting, insightful, and most importantly helpful blog posts on your website and embed your animated explainer video in there. People this day and age will see through SEO fodder or click bait and you don’t want your business associated with this kind in the long run. Post it on Facebook for your friends, family and customers can see it and spread the word. Have it link to your website as another free avenue your customers can take to see you. Share it on Twitter as well for the same effect.


3. Analyze your YouTube Stats and Analytics

How will you know what explainer video is working and what is not? Knowing how to read YouTube stats and analytics will help you immeasurably in gauging your campaigns success and prevent failure by cutting your losses as well.

Obviously the number of views over time is the most important factor as this is what tells you how visible you are and how far your ads have reached. The ratings, likes and dislikes namely tell you how much the people you reached well… liked or disliked it. Use these metric to tell you what resonates with your audience over the time you are showing the explainer video.

Now on the analytics side if we go in to too much detail this will end up confusing to beginners. So I will just enumerate the things to look out for:

Explainer video production stats
  1. Discovery events and traffic sources – This is where the customer came from before seeing your video such as YouTube, social media, your website, or referrals from other websites and mobile apps (ads included).

  2. Demographics – These indicate geographical information, age, and gender of the person who viewed you.

  3. Viewer drop off – This is where your viewers stopped watching your video. This can vary according to the videos length, content, quality, etc. This helps you improve your video to retain viewers.

  4. Sharing statistics – This will tell you which videos are shared the most and which are the most popular.

  5. Subscribers – This is how many people actively monitor you and will continue to watch future content you post out.



3. Google AdWords

Ah the gold mine that is AdWords. This is the platform you will be using to actively reach out to the billions of people out there waiting to buy your product. This is a paid service that Google provides that allows you to target and plan your YouTube ad campaign to point customers to your website for that conversion to hit home. This will have your Video play when a customer is watching something related to your product and your video will do its work from there. To make this work (and cost effective), it requires in depth knowledge and one must do research on how to properly set up an Ad campaign. Google even has certifications for these and AdWords expertise is a highly sought commodity among businesses and advertising agencies worldwide.

So you don't know what you need?

Artboard 3 copy 2.png

It’s been a long debate which type of video is more effective to use as an animated explainer video. Both are very different methods that aim for the same result, to get your customers engaged and to reel them in and purchase your product. There are many ways these videos can do that. But before we drive into a conclusion, let’s try to understand what these two are all about:

Live Action Video:  The live action video is the use of real people with scripted – or unscripted interactions or reactions with your product. Often this tells a story of how your product can help the customer, or a story that will evoke an emotional response from the viewer and then masterfully relating it to your product.









Types of Live Action Video:

  1. Live Action Video – These videos use a camera crew, actors, editors, post production and the whole shebang to tell a complete story of your product and thoroughly get you customers engaged with the video. Can be the cheapest and the most expensive method depending on how you use it and what you want.
  2. Testimonial Video – Using people to give commentary about how your product has helped them or analysis on how the product can be great all in all. The more high profile or credible the person, the better the desired effect will be.



  • Best used to showcase your tangible products and services through actions, stories, and dialog to convey the message in a realistic, more personal manner. 
  • Through this method you can easily connect with your audience by highlighting on the emotions that you would want to convey by using actual people to showcase your products and services. And having famous people endorse your product helps too!


  • You can only demonstrate limited concepts and ideas since there’s not much flexibility in using live action alone, unless you spend an astronomical amount of money on premier actors or personalities and / or combining it with animation.


Animated Video: 

Types of Animated Explainer Video: These are all explained in more detail here

  1. Animated Screencast

  2. Kinetic Typography

  3. Whiteboard Animation

  4. Info graphic Animation

  5. Character Animation

  6. 3D Animation

  7. IOS Demo/ App Demo Video

  8. Music Based Video 



  • Animated explainer videos can come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. The flexibility is endless as long as you can imagine it and the animators can create it. And this also gets in touch with your viewer's inner child and has the ability to keep the topic simple. With regards to branding, the colors of your brand don’t matter as this can be easily integrated with the video. In addition this is often way more affordable than hiring actors and a production crew.


  • One must be extremely careful whe creating an animated explainer video as too much detail or too little of it can result in misinformation, offense, or your video not making any sense at all. These will turn your customers away and leave a bad first impression to those you want to reach out to.


How to identify which explainer video will work best for your business? 

  1. Identify the content purpose – What do you want your viewers to think and feel during and after they watch the video? 
  2. Come up with a Marketing Goal – Live action tends to be better for appealing to a customer’s feelings as they pick up body language and nonverbal cues more. Animation is more effective in explaining how something works as it is more memorable than watching someone demonstrate it.
  3. Know your Budget – Several factors affect the final cost of your video. In live action you need to consider the location, the cost of the actors, and the cost of the crew. Generally less is less expensive in this case. With animation this will vary by length and the kind of video it is. Don’t assume that cheaper is better in these cases, quality is always better than quantity.
  4. Classify your Target Audience – Who are you showing this to? What is your demographic? It is always good to keep in mind that showing a makeup video to people searching for power tools and farm equipment is absolutely pointless. Get your ad targeting right to make sure you reach the right people.
  5. Work on your Timeline – Never rush out something incomplete. Even big corporations fall into this trap because of poor time management. Make sure you follow schedules to the last second to have everything moving like clockwork.
  6. Select your Marketing Platform – Any video is good for any platform it depends on your content purpose and goals. Live action is best for television commercials and branding purposes. You can then go online and spread the animation ads like wildfire to your target audience.

Both types of video have the ability to turn leads into customers, and both have costs determined by different variables. 


Generally, an animated explainer video will work out well for most projects, specifically anything that will be shared on the internet. Just make sure to look at all of your options, and use live action when the human element is needed to add more “oomph” to your product.And if you need some insperation? Well we are a pretty awesome animated explainer video company so check our work here 

How to wright a explainer video script

explainer video production script

Remember the time you were a kid and you received this amazingly wrapped box? And after rushing to open it you get a pair of socks inside? That is what people feel when they get explainer videos with nice titles and turn out to be “clickbait” ads or video content that is poorly scripted. 

Now that you’ve have attracted viewers to watch your explainer video with your eye-catching title, it’s crucial to make their interest last by keeping them engaged with it. People today absolutely hate being bored or watching the classic “infomercial” approach so its time to work on a script that will do your ad justice.


The Structure

First you need a structure, a framework on how the explainer video is presented to give it substance and to tell the viewer in an entertaining, more importantly a quick and easy the message you want to convey.





Let’s go over 4 easy steps and the appropriate durations for each:

  1. The Problem – What is the problem? Tell your audience what is the problem in the market? For a 60 second video, just use 30 words or less.

  2. The Solution – Time to tell them the product that will solve the markets problems! 10 to 15 words should do for this one.
  3. How does it work? – Now you need to explain how this product will help them. Best to not overdo the details, just the “need-to-know” stuff is okay. 30 to 50 words will be enough.
  4. Call to Action – Hook, line, and sinker. Pull them in by putting on some credibility and social proof like testimonials, or a famous personality to promote it. 10 to 20 words would suffice.


The Concept

Now you have the skeleton done, you need meat in those bones to make your script move as gracefully as a ballerina. Your explainer video script writer and animator’s creative qualifications are crucial here as they will have a plethora of ideas in their heads to choose from and turn it to something great. Also, tell a story and don’t make it rely on numbers and statistics too much. Use those numbers in the call to action portion instead.

Be extremely careful with your ideas however, as writing the explainer script poorly is a disaster so being careful with your concepts will pay off. Don’t be afraid to be daring, but not offensive as the last thing you want in an explainer video is to drive too much negativity towards your product given how social media can spread the word like wildfire. No Jargon whatsoever must be used if you want people to get it. Humor is also one of the best things to incorporate in the explainer video script so don’t be afraid to use it!


Writing a Video? What?

How can a writer write a visual interpretation of something? It’s a different beast altogether putting words into an image and may be a challenge for a lot of writers out there. It’s simple, start with an idea and go from there. Here are some tips for you:


  1. Keep it simple – Don’t overwhelm your viewer with an acid trip art piece or a DreamWorks level 3D movie! Let your animator perfect his work and make his life easy. Do not put too many characters and don’t rely on complex visuals (acid trippy.. argh!)
  2. Don’t be “that guy” – If you want a messed up video, go right ahead and control your crew. Writers, designers, and animators are paid to be creative so let them spread their wings and fly!
  3. Voiceovers – The visuals must absolutely match the voiceovers. It will seem duplicitous if it doesn’t and people will see through this right away, and chew you up for it.
  4. Proper Timing – Don’t be too “artsy” with the video and put in too many visuals for short spoken portions and vice versa. This isn’t the art expo so the people watching 


How long should it be?

People prefer to keep things short and it’s also cheaper to make. You can make it longer as long as it’s more awesome, and expensive. You need to balance between the two (length and awesomeness) but in the end it will all come down to what you are trying to say and what the video is for.

Here at MotionStory we have all that it takes to give you that kickass explainer video experience so contact us and let’s talk about your video!

Skyrocket your Explainer Video

Placing your well-made product video on your landing page will likely increase your conversion by up to 80%. But will it really make an impact if only a handful of people know your video exists? Driving more people in your landing page is a challenge that your marketing team needs to gear up to but first and foremost, make sure that Google knows the content of your video. Ensure that your video sitemap has been submitted to Google then use the checklist below to help boost your brand’s online visibility with these proper VIDEO SEO promotional strategies:


The business keywords are accurate and properly applied

Use appropriate keywords that will match the gist of your brand product. You can make use of the keyword planner tool in Google Adwords. A more defined and specific keyword works best if the applicable keyword is too competitive. This is more likely to lose competition and will help people find your video easily particularly on YouTube. Incorporate these keywords to your video’s content, description, headline and tags for optimal use. 

The video descriptions are In-depth and well-written

This is the best avenue to utilize both long-tail and short-tail keywords and make your viewers know more about your brand product. You can be as descriptive as you can be, allowing you to add some more relevant keywords to your video.

The video links are embedded and shared on relevant websites

Try to research relevant websites and social media platforms first before embedding and sharing your videos on it. This is to ensure that it’s reaching your target audience efficiently. 

The videos are all sorted on the playlist

Regardless if you have numerous product videos or not, creating a playlist of relevant videos even from other channels is a good strategy to promote your video. The aim is to increase your channel time that will eventually improve

Explainer Video Graphics

Growing your Startup

Animated Explainer Video

Imagine this; you’re a young startup CEO—full of passion, high in spirit, and oozing with revolutionizing and life-changing ideas. You planned out everything smoothly and launched  your product successfully. However, achieving a self-sustaining business is notpanning out as quickly as you planned them to be.   


We all know that to make our business grow, it takes a lot of continuous hard work. The most common challenge of an entrepreneur is translating your own innovative ideas into a profitable venture and to do so, it involves finding potential investors for your business and attracting the attention of perspective customers. But how do you get past this initial challenge when sales and marketing is not your forte? 

Communication plays a crucial factor towards the success of your brainchild. If your investors are having a hard time understanding how your product works, there’s a big chance that your customers won’t get it as well.—Why not leave the explaining to the experts?


  • We at Motionstory, can tell your stories not limited to the scripts, nor restricted with the realms of dreams or activity or facts. Our well-crafted explainer videos use inventive storylines for more informative presentations of your products and services aligned with contextual advertising. This increases your websites relevance in Google search and you will be 53 times more likely to be in the first page!


  • Our creative team here at Motionstory can translate complex processes and illustrate difficult to present and sell products in simple and engaging well-made videos with the focus on the key benefits and features of your products and services.


  • Our diverse team of designers, writers, animators and illustrators are working together to provide an eye-catching animated visualization of your products and services, accompanied by upbeat music and a soothing voice. These skillfully constructed explainer videos aim to build trust as it creates a sense of individual approach and exudes positive emotion from your viewers. These can boost conversions by 80%!


In this era of smartphones and mobility, mobile videos have been a convenient form of go-to-entertainment and information. Thus, having an explainer video accessible to your target audience means more opportunities to showcase your product. What are you waiting for? It won’t cost an arm and a leg so fill out the design brief to get started!


Customer acquisition

Animated Video Production

Customer acquisition is the only way a business can grow.                 It seems like a daunting task – which it truly is – but there are     many tools at your disposal to make this happen.


SEO is the most beaten path when it comes to getting people to your website and this goes hand in hand with a good video. Imagine moths flocking to a flame in this case. The SEO gets the moths to look at the flame, but a good video on your website is how bright the flame is.

n this day and age of modern media it is hard to keep someone’s eye on something you’d like them to see due to the multitude of images, content, and ads on a website. What is it exactly that you are selling? How can this help your customer? Most importantly, how to you get them to see what you want them to see? The answer is a good Video.

Videos keep a potential customer engaged and tend to appeal to a vast majority of people who search online. Rather than read through a lengthy article describing how something works, they want to actually see how it works. Using social media to link videos to your website is a great way to further engage with your customers and gauge the videos performance by directly getting feedback from people who view it. You can then adjust and tweak your strategies to make sure it works and the results will speak for themselves.

Always do your homework what demographic you’d like to start building your customer base on and what other businesses you can partner up with to turbo charge your growth. We at Motionstory have many hands to push you the right way in bringing your products to life, give us a shout and we’ll be there!

Better page ranking with Explainer video

Website rankings are a bit of a paradox in the sense that to get a high rank you need more people go to your website, but to get more people to your website you need a higher rank. There are other criteria but traffic is the biggest factor.

You need to be in the first page because almost no one else goes to page 2, no one. The more people go into your website, the higher the ranking is. The higher the ranking, the better chance it gets to be in the first page of a search. Now how do we do this? We use the magic of TV to bring life to your website.

Explainer Video with Animation

A large majority of people alive today grew up during the dawn of the Television. Saturday and Sunday mornings were well spent watching cartoons and other shows before we ran outside and played with our buddies. And even now when we’re a bit older we still watch a lot of TV, although today it comes in many sizes and forms.

People instinctively want to go back to the time they were kids and remember a time that their favorite show kept their eyes glued to the screen. Give your customers this nostalgia by showing them a good video on your site. This will make them want to see more of your product and further increase your traffic and relevance with search engines. People want convenience in all things today, and you need to make sure it is not tedious for a potential customer to get to know your product. Videos can explain in 150 words what an article can in a thousand, and more importantly they entertain. You get a customer to laugh or relate in any way to your product, you can consider it sold.