Growing your Startup

Animated Explainer Video

Imagine this; you’re a young startup CEO—full of passion, high in spirit, and oozing with revolutionizing and life-changing ideas. You planned out everything smoothly and launched  your product successfully. However, achieving a self-sustaining business is notpanning out as quickly as you planned them to be.   


We all know that to make our business grow, it takes a lot of continuous hard work. The most common challenge of an entrepreneur is translating your own innovative ideas into a profitable venture and to do so, it involves finding potential investors for your business and attracting the attention of perspective customers. But how do you get past this initial challenge when sales and marketing is not your forte? 

Communication plays a crucial factor towards the success of your brainchild. If your investors are having a hard time understanding how your product works, there’s a big chance that your customers won’t get it as well.—Why not leave the explaining to the experts?


  • We at Motionstory, can tell your stories not limited to the scripts, nor restricted with the realms of dreams or activity or facts. Our well-crafted explainer videos use inventive storylines for more informative presentations of your products and services aligned with contextual advertising. This increases your websites relevance in Google search and you will be 53 times more likely to be in the first page!


  • Our creative team here at Motionstory can translate complex processes and illustrate difficult to present and sell products in simple and engaging well-made videos with the focus on the key benefits and features of your products and services.


  • Our diverse team of designers, writers, animators and illustrators are working together to provide an eye-catching animated visualization of your products and services, accompanied by upbeat music and a soothing voice. These skillfully constructed explainer videos aim to build trust as it creates a sense of individual approach and exudes positive emotion from your viewers. These can boost conversions by 80%!


In this era of smartphones and mobility, mobile videos have been a convenient form of go-to-entertainment and information. Thus, having an explainer video accessible to your target audience means more opportunities to showcase your product. What are you waiting for? It won’t cost an arm and a leg so fill out the design brief to get started!