Better page ranking with Explainer video

Website rankings are a bit of a paradox in the sense that to get a high rank you need more people go to your website, but to get more people to your website you need a higher rank. There are other criteria but traffic is the biggest factor.

You need to be in the first page because almost no one else goes to page 2, no one. The more people go into your website, the higher the ranking is. The higher the ranking, the better chance it gets to be in the first page of a search. Now how do we do this? We use the magic of TV to bring life to your website.

Explainer Video with Animation

A large majority of people alive today grew up during the dawn of the Television. Saturday and Sunday mornings were well spent watching cartoons and other shows before we ran outside and played with our buddies. And even now when we’re a bit older we still watch a lot of TV, although today it comes in many sizes and forms.

People instinctively want to go back to the time they were kids and remember a time that their favorite show kept their eyes glued to the screen. Give your customers this nostalgia by showing them a good video on your site. This will make them want to see more of your product and further increase your traffic and relevance with search engines. People want convenience in all things today, and you need to make sure it is not tedious for a potential customer to get to know your product. Videos can explain in 150 words what an article can in a thousand, and more importantly they entertain. You get a customer to laugh or relate in any way to your product, you can consider it sold.