Customer acquisition

Animated Video Production

Customer acquisition is the only way a business can grow.                 It seems like a daunting task – which it truly is – but there are     many tools at your disposal to make this happen.


SEO is the most beaten path when it comes to getting people to your website and this goes hand in hand with a good video. Imagine moths flocking to a flame in this case. The SEO gets the moths to look at the flame, but a good video on your website is how bright the flame is.

n this day and age of modern media it is hard to keep someone’s eye on something you’d like them to see due to the multitude of images, content, and ads on a website. What is it exactly that you are selling? How can this help your customer? Most importantly, how to you get them to see what you want them to see? The answer is a good Video.

Videos keep a potential customer engaged and tend to appeal to a vast majority of people who search online. Rather than read through a lengthy article describing how something works, they want to actually see how it works. Using social media to link videos to your website is a great way to further engage with your customers and gauge the videos performance by directly getting feedback from people who view it. You can then adjust and tweak your strategies to make sure it works and the results will speak for themselves.

Always do your homework what demographic you’d like to start building your customer base on and what other businesses you can partner up with to turbo charge your growth. We at Motionstory have many hands to push you the right way in bringing your products to life, give us a shout and we’ll be there!