Swell Consulting


The challenge:

Swell was passionate about bringing the power of financial analytics to small businesses, but they knew their target market would be a hard sell. They wanted to clearly convey why business owners needed their service and show just how valuable it could be. But above all, the video had to instil a firm feeling of trust in their potential new customers, so that they would have no qualms about sharing their financial data.

The solution:

We framed this story around discovery, revealing straight off the bat that Swell offered a way to uncover insights about a business that would help it grow. A female voiceover speaking in a calm, warm tone helped to build trust, as did pointing out the fact that behind the software was a real human consultant too. To grab attention on social media feeds we crafted a 30-second clip with the essentials, while achieving a complete service overview in just 60 seconds.

Client Testimonials

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Client Name:

Job Title at Company Name:

Project :

Swell Consulting

Video type :

60s motion graphic explainer

Purpose :

Awareness + Advertising




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