Trulet Property Management


The challenge:

With a new digital property management service in its infancy, the team behind startup Trulet needed to bring their idea to life so everyone could see its full potential. They wanted a video to show how it’s a game-changer for landlords and tenants, and to help them secure new funding from investors. But they didn’t want to put anyone off by overemphasising the artificial intelligence aspect of the software. So, no pressure then…

The solution:

The actual software was still being created as we went into production, so we took a conceptual approach that highlighted just how much Trulet was capable of. With automation at the heart of the service, our focus on fluid transitions reinforced the notion of a seamless experience, while the script kept the scenarios human and relatable. The result? An aspirational vision for Trulet that set a new course for the company and encapsulated a clear message for multiple audiences.

Project :

Trulet Property Management

Video type :

60s motion graphic explainer

Purpose :

Investment presentation

Storyboard Concept



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