Video Pricing

We understand that each company's need for an explainer video is unique. That’s why we’ve created flexible pricing tiers so you can get the perfect video to fit your needs no matter what your budget.

Explainer video production company

Standard Video

Ensure your customers understand what you do with a creative and simple explainer video that doesn’t break the bank. 

Standard Plan

great for start ups


Simple Design

Style Frames


Music & Voiceover

Script writer

Explainer video agency

Pro Video     

Stay ahead of you competitors and stand out from the crowd with an explainer video using premium visual styles. 

PRO Plan

AWESOME FOR launching


Detailed design

Style Frames


Storyboard development

Script writer

Voiceover selection

Music options

Creative director

Explainer video agency

Premium Video 

Dominate your market online with big screen production quality, unlimited creative options and industry leading execution. 




Detailed design

Style frame


Storyboard development


Script writer

Script development

Voiceover Auditions

Custom Music

Creative director

Dedicated Producer

Animated explainer video production

Get more from your explainer video

Need a ‘done-for-you’ marketing package so you can start promoting your content immediately? Our flexible marketing packages includes:

  • 15 second instagram animations to engage your audience and increase your following

  • Animated GIFs so you can create dynamic web content online

  • Social media images allowing you to spread your message with branded content

  • 30 second YouTube teaser that reels your audience in and drives traffic to your site


Need a custom quote?

Every explainer video we design includes a full creative service, providing you with expert advice and planning from scriptwriting to animation and everything in between.

Just tell us what you need by filling out the form on this page and we'll get back to you with some ideas on how we can help you.

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Common Questions

How much will my animated explainer video cost?

We make videos in a range of price tiers – ranging from $5k to $25k and beyond. The price is determined by the level of animation you’d like, with simple 2D icons and stick figures at the bottom, and 3D, film-quality animation at the top.

How long will my animated explainer video take?

A typical video takes 8 weeks to produce, from the discovery meeting to the final delivery. However, simpler productions can be completed in 6 weeks. Of course, timely feedback is a must for staying on – or even ahead of – schedule.

Can I provide my own script and just have you execute that?

We’re more than happy to look at a script you provide, but we’ll most likely tailor it so that it works better for the video. Remember, the script needs to convey your idea in a fun, easy-to-understand way while also playing well with the visuals, and finding that balance can be a bit tricky, which is why we do it in-house.


What’s the best length for my video?

The easy answer is “shorter is always better”. But in reality, the length of your video comes down to two main factors – how complicated your message is, and where will you share your video. Complex products may require more time. But if you’re sharing on social media, you won’t have that time.

What about feedback and revisions?

Feedback is part of the creative process and we involve you in every stage of the project from the script to the storyboard and into the animation production. This ensures the project is on track and there are no surprises at the end.

Can I be involved in the creative process?

Nobody knows your business better than you so we have an open door policy towards collaboration. If you would like to contribute ideas for the script and visuals, we will happily hand you a pen and paper and treat you as part of the explainer video team.