We take baby steps towards creating every new story, so when we get to the big picture there's no big surprise, just happy clients. 


Working With Motionstory

Motionstory is a dedicated explainer video agency with over 10 years experience solving communication problems through visual storytelling.

If your customers don’t understand what you do and the value you provide to them, we can help you grab their attention by turning your complex idea into a simple explainer video.

We work with you in baby steps throughout the entire explainer video production process from concept through to final animation so there’s no big surprises with your finished video.  

Each explainer video we design follows the same process below so we can deliver spectacular results that we and our clients are proud of.


   Each video follows the same design process, so we can deliver on time and to a standard of work we are both proud of

Explainer Video  Agency

Stage One: Initial Briefing

During the initial stage we begin by asking you some questions about what you want the video to do for you and the problem you are trying to solve. Then we’ll suggest ways this can best be achieved through video.

The goal of this session is to get an accurate understanding of your needs. We’ve even helped clients with ideas that weren’t fully developed bring them to life here.

Our team will work with you to define your project, propose ideas on how it could be approached, and then provide you with deliverables - all tailored to your budget. 

When you’re happy with what we propose and confident that we’re a good fit, we’ll move onto stage two.


Stage Two: Concept Development

Script: The script is the backbone of a great explainer video and critical to its success. A good script will be easy to read and quick to understand. It will quickly encapsulate your core value and captivate your audience.

The script will also form the structure and narrative for the visual language of your explainer video so an easy to read script will create an easy to watch video.

This step is a collaborative process with you where we work out the best way to communicate with your audience to achieve your objective

Artistic and Creative Direction: The creative direction takes a holistic view of the project and ensures the objectives of the brief are reflected in the video.

We do this by exploring how to engage your audience with an appropriate visual language that will explain your story through animation, and analyzing competing brands and products that your customers are already relating to so we can design a message that will evoke a reaction from your customers.

Once the creative direction is agreed upon in the beginning it will give direction to all other elements of project going forward.


Animated explainer video agency

            A good explainer video is short and engaging,         while still explaining the key information. 

Explainer video agency

Stage Three: Storyboard Development


Storyboard:The storyboard is the most critical part the process and the most creative because it forms a visual guide for your video.

Here you start to see how words and imagery combine to bring the script to life, how the visuals line up with the voiceover, and you’ll get a clear picture of how your story will be told. This makes a difference between a kick ass video and just a video.

The ideas that create each image in the storyboard have to work over a sequence of images to create smooth transitions and a seamless experience the viewer will be drawn into.

Graphics and Illustrations: The graphics and illustrations will form the visual representation of your story. We take time to get every detail just right including the colours, fonts, illustrations, and characters.

This is a unique design driven process tailored to each explainer video we create - we don’t just slap together ‘off the shelf’ elements for any of our clients. The designs here will be used in the final animation so we’ll work with you to make sure everything is perfect before going onto stage four.



Stage Four: Voiceover

Voiceover: A good voiceover will make or break a video. The voice will represent your company so it needs to reflect your brand's values and express the character of the story we are telling in the video.

You don’t just want your video to sound like everyone else's.  Voiceover talent is carefully auditioned to fit the script and concept of your video. The perfect voice is then hand-picked based on project fit, talent, and professionalism.



Animated explainer video
Explainer video process

Stage Five: Production Process

Animation: This is where the magic happens by stitching together all of the elements that we have created in the previous stages. To bring the ideas to life we use the best animator for your project from 2d character animators to 3d motion designers.

There's no one-size-fits-all software solution. The animation is the life of the video and it takes a long time to get it right.

That's why we take baby steps throughout the development stages to make sure we are ready to commit to the animation process.


Music and Sound Effects:  Depending on the project we will either match your video with a soundtrack that emphasis the movement and compliments the voiceover -- Or we can have a custom soundtrack composed that works in harmony with the voiceover and compliments your videos design style.

Movements always have sound that you might not consciously hear, but they are the subtle difference that makes a video stand out and be heard.

The subtle effects and movements in your video are carefully matched with audio that enhances the visual style of the animation and elevates your story.

By the end of this stage you will have a polished animation including final illustrations, voiceover, soundtrack, and sound effects.



Stage Six: Sign Off and Delivery

When the final animation is ready you’ll be shown a preview video for review.  This is when you get to see the breathtaking realisation of your brief in step one.

We ask that you take your time reviewing the final video.  

Once you are happy we will provide you with the final animation in all the formats you request, along with any of the project assets that you need.

Now you’re ready to launch, and you will be able to communicate your unique value to your audience across any platform you choose clearly, and quickly.

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