The explainer videos below are more than just samples of our work, they’re the result of good ideas and fantastic clients. 



It's a handy app to help you get things fixed in your neighbourhood. When you find something they need fixing, just snap a photo and post the complaint.

It's a simple idea, but it wasn't a simple video to create as we needed to come up with a story that will attract a broad audience to drive downloads and raise awareness of the app



Awesome ideas need awesome video to help the ideas cut through the crowd and get in front of the people who need to know about them the most. We worked with the incredible start up Grow to make sure people understand what they do with a dynamic and punchy 3d explainer video.



Read by QXMD

A research tool designed to empower medical practitioners with life-changing information at there fingertips.

We helped the client identify what they really needed to say, what features they needed to show and how they need to tell the story to sale the technology to the industry experts.




HSE found it hard to explain the complexity  
of their product in their sales meetings, so they asked us to distill there product offering into an effective sales video top open the doors to the gatekeepers.



The online learning platform needed a thought-provoking
video to show how the training modules will benefit their staff and convince the customer in 60 seconds. 


Carrott App

We created this fun video to explain how the Carrott App helps you save money every time you spend. It's incredible how those little bits of loose change can really add up over a lifetime.





Trying to cut through the crowd can be frustrating when you're in a competitive industry. The client just couldn't get people to pay attention to their incredible mattresses.  We helped Olay stand out with a unique explainer video that's as unique as the idea.



Would you trust a stranger to look after your closest friend? Some of the best ideas can be complicated to explain, so we created a story to show that there are real people behind a service, people who will care for and love your pet.  



We're telling the story of MyEd, an ambitious educational resource hub for parent and students. 

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Teach for Australia

Did you know there is a age gap of 7 years between the top and bottom students in a year 9 class in Australia? It's a shocking fact and we took pride in creating a subtle 2d explainer video to help them tell there story.



When you get an email from a prospective client saying they are going to start a bank, you know that they mean business. We helped the team identify what really matters to their customers and stripped back the fluff to create a video that reflects their core values. The result was a hard-hitting overview about their disruptive new platform.


DHL Express  

A simple pictogram animation designed to show how easy it is for local business owners to reach more customers with there new platform DHL IT integrate.



Managing change inside an organisation is hard, and having to explain the same thing to so many people is hard on resources. So creating a video that encapsulates the message is the most productive way to remind your employees that they work for a great company. We animated this video for the design agency UnitedYeah, they're awesome!




into Simplicity


This is what happened when the client said, "We have ten days until we go live!", and all they had was an idea on the back of a napkin.

Just tell us your idea and we will make it happen!


Opal Card 

The best thing about an Opal Card is that you can go everywhere... and in Sydney, with the
beach just minutes from the CBD, you want to be able to go everywhere. We designed a video that shows just how easy it is to explore the city and see the sights.



Two-sided marketplaces are a marketer's nightmare with two audiences to please and attract.  Making the offering distinct but not biased takes more than just line of copy, check out the explainer video to see how we turned the nightmare into a explainer video.



Next time you walk into a store, the clerk could know your name and shoe size! Don't act surprised! It's because they’re using Qikdetekt, a face recognition software. We had the pleasure of designing a video that made this scary technology feel and move like a pussy cat.






We might be a team of idea rebels but we are all proud of our education and we worked hard to get where we are. So when the UNSW asked us to create an explainer video for their ALUMNI program we put our pens to paper.





Is this the future? or is now?  The developers of Siri have developed a voice recognition software the will let you use your voice to unlock your device and even get cash out from the ATM. Just watch the explainer video to see how it's transforming our world.



The Wealth Management fund wanted a service overview video to show how their approach to helping their clients make them stand out from their competitors.


E-Supper Explainer

We had the pleasure of working with KingContent to produce two 2d explainer videos. They provided us with a fantastic brief and in return we produced a simple solution that explained a complex message.




Taking a new product to market takes more than just an email campaign.
You need to test the water and educate your audience about the
new products. Watch this video to see how we helped Commbank explain how to to use their new card. 



Why are Allen keys not shaped like a key?
No one could answer the question, so we made this video all about the invention.


Very Own Studio 

The Uk design studio needed a business video to explain how they visualize a client's goal, and turn that goal into a visual solution..



Australian football rules is complicated, let alone explaining how  to play it to a bunch of school Kids. We collaborated with Pro-Jucer and the AFL to create a series of explainer videos to teach kids how ton play the awesome Ozzy game.

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animated video production


Standard Chartered

e3 Reloaded needed our help to
create two business videos explaining the potential a career with Standard Chartered has for recent graduates

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RewardStream launched their innovative software 'Spark' with the help of a animated video that shows how it harnesses the power customers have to increase awareness of the brand.





We were approached by the founder of Fitlime, Trevor McGerr, to create a business video that would help to launch his new fitness and time management app.


NatCen came to us with over 1000 words of data and facts, which we had to distilled into a clear and entertaining infographic video for health officials and government ministers.


Legal Tender

Wanted an animated video to show that by comparing and hiring law firms using their online interface, businesses can get their legal work done more efficiently.





SheSaidBeauty connects everything related to beauty in one place, and commissioned a service overview video to demonstrate their social network in action and inspire viewers to join.



OpenGamma entered untested waters with their open source market risk management software, and needed a product demonstration video to excite viewers into becoming involved.


Atlas Mapping

Atlas Mapping worked alongside us to create a product demonstration video that shows how their advanced software has the potential to transform the way franchise managers work.


Emirates Explainer

Treysta Wealth Management wanted a service overview video to show how their approach to helping their clients create and protect wealth stands out from the crowd.


VMS Bio marketing

Treysta Wealth Management wanted a service overview video to show how their approach to helping their clients create and protect wealth stands out from the crowd.


BrightCove Infographic video 

When data is visualised the information becomes tangible, but when you bring the 3rd element of motion to information it becomes engaging.  We made the infographic move!







PaynearMe Explainer Video

They needed an explainer video that explained to merchants exactly how their service could make it easier for customers to pay them. Watch how we made this happen!



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