The best way to grow is with video, but whats whats the best type? 

Every day you see your competition grow with an explainer video and you have decided that you need to keep up with the competition. So where do you start?  What do you need to know about creating a explainer video to get ahead of your competitor? keep reading to find out. 



Choosing the Best Video           Content for your Business

Still confused? The list below aims to give any entrepreneur the clarity in selecting the right approach for your marketing video aligned with your business goals and objectives.

For a startup business, it is important to keep in mind that you are on a clean slate since you’re prospective customers don’t know anything about you yet. A remarkable and impressive introduction incorporated on your video makes a lasting and positive effect in acquiring new customers. 

For the seasoned business owners, customer retention is something to put into consideration. Keeping your customers happy and addressingyour customer’s needs will definitely create a lasting relationship with them that can also be a potential for more referrals.  




What type of video does your company need?

Explainer video production

Comercial Videos

If your video content intent to drive people to a specific product or service your company provides then the Commercial Video is the right choice. These are usually on-air advertisements, YouTube pre-roll ads, and social media shares. Combine all these for the best effect.

Commercials are a way of showing your product to the world without going into too much detail. These videos should be very short, have a general, all-purpose charm, and use a quick and focused theme.

Be mindful on the format, style, and length of the video as the budget varies depending on these factors. These usually fall into the $15,000-30,000 range and are best left to run on a 6-12 week period.


Educational Videos

If you wish to spread awareness of your brand and services, then utilizing an Educational form of video can most likely attract new customers. They can also channel customers through blog posts, FAQ pages on your website, your social media pages, and much more.

Educational videos are an interesting, helpful, and informational program highlighting your team and their great knowledge about the product. Much like infomercials in a sense but more focused on your company’s know-how.

Educational form of videos are relatively inexpensive and are on the $10,000-15,000 range, lasts 2 minutes or less and are best aired on a 4-6 week period.


 Animated Explainer Videos

If your objective is to have your customers consider buying your product and to have them associate this product with your brand alone so they buy it later if not now. This should always be put into your website’s homepage, and on YouTube or other websites through ads.

Animation is amazing and anything is possible, more so since it brings out a customer’s inner child. These are excellent for tech companies and web services, and it’s a great way of demonstrating something alien or unheard of by the ordinary person, like a “cloud storage platform” or “online crowdsourcing”. Animation brands your video extremely well since you can use matching colors, styles, and themes that can make your video fit perfectly with your website and marketing goals.

The cost of animating something varies greatly depending on the type and length but usually starts at $15,000-20,000 and can skyrocket especially if its 3D. These are best shown on an 8-12 week period


 Live Action Explainer Videos

Live action is the best way to show someone how something works. This also is the best at connecting with your audience on a personal level, especially if you run a customer-oriented business, like a law firm, a restaurant, or a hotel. The reality is that people enjoy seeing other people. It gives them the human connection which is proven to be powerful and effective when telling a story about how your product or service works.

Live action videos are used much like animation, the only difference being live action is more down the lines of demonstrating your product. These tend to be the most expensive since you will hire actors, a production crew and equipment. These start at $30,000 and are best shown on an 8-12 week period.


Brand Video

If you want your videos to play the role of raising awareness for your company and brand and play toward the idea of subliminal messaging, in a good way then it’s best to opt for the Branding type of video. These videos set you up for longer videos down the road since people will watch what they are familiar with. Put branding videos on your social media, or set up their own YouTube channel, or air it on TV.

A little bit of advertising and an editorial jumbled together. These videos are always under 60 seconds long, target your core target market / audience, and quickly mention your company, product, or service, if at all.

Branding videos typically start between $15,000-30,000 and are shown on a 6-12 weeks period before you show the longer ads you have prepared.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 17.40.34.png

Company Stories

If you’re on a budget but wants to make a great impact, try the Company Story Video as these are considerably cheaper since they use your own employees. These videos start at the $10,000-15,000 range and ideally should be run on a 4-8 week period. Otherwise, they are kept on the company about section or on the home page.

This type of videos should be used early on, preferably along with branding to create the feeling of allegiance and personal connection with existing customers and to attract potential ones who are looking for an alternative to their existing provider. The most effective mediums are newsletters via email marketing, and also don’t forget to include it on the about us section of your website.

These videos introduce your team, culture, and company philosophy to the world. CEOs, executives, employees, and managers are used as subjects to talk about where they’ve been, and where they’re at, and where they plan to go from here. 


Customer Testimonials & Case Studies

On the flipside, your customer can tell a story too! Testimonials uses real (or fake, believe me some people do this) customers and friends in the business to spread the word about your product or service. A case study may discuss a service you worked on for a customer, the challenges you were up against, and the results that make your product so awesome.

Customer stories and case studies should be used along with branding and company stories for maximum effect. Like company stories, send these out in newsletters, put them on your social media page and your blog, and include an about us or testimonial section of your website to showcase these.

Testimonial videos vary from $5,000-7,500 if done locally and $7,500-12,000 on a national scale. You tend to save more money on actors and editing since you don’t have to pay the customers much for a few minutes of their time. They are usually aired on a 4-6 week period. Once this is done, they are kept on the company testimonial or about us sections.


Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are sent out when you acquire a new customer, or send this to existing customers when you launch a new feature or tweak your user interface. These are also best put into your FAQ section to save on Customer Service calls and have your customers help themselves.


Tutorial Videos are basically walkthroughs to help existing customers continue to use your product and not get frustrated by minor usage issues to answer FAQs, and serve as sales demos as well.


Depending on the type of video you will use, a tutorial video typically costs about $10,000 as a start and is usually aired on a 6-12 week time frame. After this time, have these stay in your FAQ section.



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