What is a explainer video? 

A explainer video, a animated video, overview video or a animated lead generation video is designed to explain your company, product, service  in a way that your customers  can quickly understand in under two minutes . Explainer videos generally follow the same structure and tell a story using the problem solution sequence.  


    A good explainer video is short and engaging,     while still explaining the key information 


How to use an animated explainer video?

To get the most out of it, it needs to be placed at the top of the page as the hero item. This is the most powerful place for it because your customer will land here and be forced to watch the video and take an action. Take a look at how Akuna have used the explainer video we created for them here

What makes a well designed explainer video?

  • It's short, it needs to be under two minutes 
  • Has a clear call to action
  • The design is clean and simple 
  • The voice  has a conversational tone 
  • It focuses on the benefits 
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How much does an animated                   explainer video cost to make?

Style and complexity dictate how much an explainer video will cost. The average cookie cutter video will cost you $5000 AUD and $8000 will get a decent video but to be creating a stand out  video you will need a budget between $8,000 and $15,000. It's a big investment and only worth doing when you have the time and money to do it right. Because a good video will transform how people view your company.

What can you measure in a  explainer video?
You need to know what you want the explainer video to achieve to be able to measure the success of the video. If you want to measure views you will need to market the video to get the views, sadly the days of 1-minute youtube hits are over you need to do some serious work to get it out there.  But if you want to measure what's being watched and the conversation rate you can do this can be don using some of google's tools.

How long does an explainer video take to create?

Our explainer video production schedule for an animated explainer video is 4 to 8 weeks, which does not include the time required to collect feedback and make extended revisions. 



How we make explainer videos?

It always starts with us understanding what you need, it's called the discovery, stage and we work with you to create an explainer video design brief. As soon as we understand what your need and we can put our creative heads together and brainstorm on the best and bad ways to solve your problems. This involves researching your competitors, analyzing your potential customer's and creating solid ideas to we can talk about. The ideas can so simple they can be written on the back of a napkin or so complicated ( their bad ones ) will need to draw out storyboards for you to understand. 

An explainer video that gets results will need a narrative that balances the creative and the strategic ideas. So the viewer is engaged and also fill they are gaining value from watching the video. Because it will need to motivate them to take an action at the end.

Read our  process  to find out how we make explainer videos.


The video should leave your viewers with a clear understanding  of  what you do and what action they need to take


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