3 Quick Wins To Get More Clicks From Your Video

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If you aren’t marketing through videos in 2017, it’s time for you to rethink your game plan. 51.9% of marketing professionals around the globe dub video as the type of content that produces the most ROI (Return on Investment) in companies.

With plenty of video hosts like Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia, getting your videos accessible in the digital jungle is now made easier than ever. Videos can now generate income, affect your bottom line and help skyrocket your sales. The secret formula to achieving these results lies in the different ways you optimize your videos for conversion. Here are the tips you need to concentrate on to increase clicks from your videos.

1.    Use Annotations to drive action

Do you want the viewer to share your video on his social media? Want to drive traffic to your website? Then you need to spell it out through using call-to-actions on your video. The most effective way to do this is by adding annotations.

Video annotations are much like interactive billboards.  They catch attention and drive some action. Video hosts like Youtube and Wistia allow you to add these clickable video overlays with button style links that produce desirable actions from viewers. It’s ability to link directly to a web page strategically converts casual viewers to buying customers.

2.    Put description links at the right places

When you put up a video, don’t just let it sit there alone. Enhance the video by adding compelling description link.  This is another way to drive conversions from your viewers. A good description not only entices users, it also gives your video additional points for SEO. The description box helps search engines determine where your videos are relevant on search results. Search Engines like Google, for example, rely on your description text to determine the video’s content relativity.

It’s best to put your link at the very top of the description text to ensure that it’s visible right off the bat, making it easier for users to click on your link. To optimize it for SEO, you can also include keywords and should try to keep the description text at a maximum of 2 sentences or less.

3.    Keep your videos short to get higher viewer retention

Getting more people to stick around and keep their eyes focused on your video is a huge challenge. The average human attention span is now 8.25 seconds which is even less than that of a goldfish!

It’s very important to hook the attention of your viewers within 5-10 seconds. Why? Because retention rate is what Google uses to determine whether your video is interesting to users.  Keep in mind that higher retention rate is equal to higher search rankings. Higher search rankings mean more people will get to view your video and convert.

The most effective and possibly easiest way to get higher retention rate is to create videos that your target audience is interested in. If you’re able to keep the attention of your audience, you win!

Through leveraging the different ways to optimize your videos for conversion, you can turn your viewers into subscribers, leads, and sales. In video marketing, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t just end on the links or annotations. Analyzing and collecting data to match your audience’s interest or activity insights will give you all the analytics you need to effectively optimize videos for conversion.

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