Skyrocket Your Explainer Video

Skyrocket Your Explainer Video

Placing your well-made product video on your landing page will likely increase your conversion by up to 80%. But will it really make an impact if only a handful of people know your video exists? Driving more people in your landing page is a challenge that your marketing team needs to gear up to but first and foremost, make sure that Google knows the content of your video. Ensure that your video sitemap has been submitted to Google then use the checklist below to help boost your brand’s online visibility with these proper VIDEO SEO promotional strategies:

The business keywords are accurate and properly applied

Use appropriate keywords that will match the gist of your brand product. You can make use of the keyword planner tool in Google Adwords. A more defined and specific keyword works best if the applicable keyword is too competitive. This is more likely to lose competition and will help people find your video easily particularly on YouTube. Incorporate these keywords to your video’s content, description, headline and tags for optimal use. 

The video descriptions are In-depth and well-written

This is the best avenue to utilize both long-tail and short-tail keywords and make your viewers know more about your brand product. You can be as descriptive as you can be, allowing you to add some more relevant keywords to your video.

The video links are embedded and shared on relevant websites

Try to research relevant websites and social media platforms first before embedding and sharing your videos on it. This is to ensure that it’s reaching your target audience efficiently. 

The videos are all sorted on the playlist

Regardless if you have numerous product videos or not, creating a playlist of relevant videos even from other channels is a good strategy to promote your video. The aim is to increase your channel time that will eventually improve

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